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To the assistant to the general director on realisation of gas of Open Company Gazprom mezhregiongaz Vladimir to Vladimir Anatolevichu Bobkovu - 60 years!

dear Vladimir Anatolevich!

Accept sincere congratulations with 60 - summer anniversary!

Working in the company « Gazprom mezhregiongaz Vladimir » from the date of its basis, you have brought the big contribution to strengthening of payment discipline of all categories of consumers of natural gas of Vladimir region. It is a lot of forces and energy it is given by you for maintenance of steady work of a heat power economy of area, its reconstruction and development.

Working in regional administration, carrying out orders of voters as the deputy of Legislative Assembly of two convocations, you have got a deserved authority and respect among heads of many enterprises and the organisations, simple inhabitants of Vladimir region. Today, probably, there is no city and area of our area where would not know your reputation.


Our collective is proud of that you together with company management, personify today an image basic, fair in relation to partners of the head knowing the price to the word, able it to hold, always opened to the dialogue, capable to make a compromise, possessing feeling of high responsibility for the charged business. It is difficult to present life of our collective without your smile, sense of humour, benevolent, but at the same time, the exacting relation to employees. We respect and we appreciate you!

we Wish you health, long teamwork, happiness and well-being to your family!

Labour collective of Open Company « Gazprom mezhregiongaz Vladimir ».