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The thief in the law has died during detention: agents of national security have broken to it four edges

Zaderzhanie Merali Musojana which were considered on Kuban as the thief in the law, the Kuban agents of national security planned in advance.

On a broader scale - that it is registered in Novorossisk, but that day has arrived to Anapa - on a tomb of big brother Kamal, which else in October, 2002 have shot directly in a court yard of its house in Moscow. That too was criminal authority, and inspectors then have agreed in opinion that it was custom-made murder. Since then Merali came time and again on ezidskoe a cemetery, but at pravoohranitelej all was not an occasion to put on it handcuffs. And here workers anapskogo hotel have complained of the dangerous lodger - it - de uses drugs in number.

37 - summer Musojana took, when it went on the car « Nissan - Patrol » on the Black Sea line - in resort suburb, near to farm « the Dawn ». In car salon the parcel with a nonsense lay. Authority and its security guard have braided, have put on handcuffs. A personal iron horse have withdrawn, and the thief in the law have planted in office « Ford - Focus ».

In criminal circles of Merali Musojana named « the Lobster »
the Photo: liveinternet. ru

But to branch have not taken. On road Merali it became sharp badly, and he has died directly in the car. The inspectors who have arrived to the place of state of emergency have sent at once a body on is judicial - medical research. Experts have come to conclusion that he has died of respiratory standstill from - for traumatic shock.

- When policemen have pressed its chest to the earth, it had a linear crisis of four edges, - the senior assistant administrator of regional investigatory management SK has explained the Russian Federation Ivan Sengerov.

the Bodyguard also has appeared in resuscitation of local hospital.

How much guards participated in detention while it is not known. According to informal sources - six fighters SOBRa and two field investigators. Now they ostensibly pass check. However in regional investigatory management while this figure do not confirm.

- Now we inspect under the statement of relatives of the victim accusing of his death of guards, - Natalia Smjatsky has told the assistant administrator of SOU SKR on edge.

« Will watch succession of events.