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How the Penza schoolboys will spend summer?

all some days remain summer vacations prior to the beginning so expected by schoolboys. For teenagers three summer months – it is not simple time when at last - that it is possible to have a rest from lessons and homeworks, but also possibility to strengthen health to devote free days to hobbies and to receive weight of bright emotions which absolutely precisely should suffice for all academic year.

However adults not always divide pleasure of children on the occasion of inevitably coming nearer vacation. After all the feeling almost nothing of the limited freedom, as a rule, seldom goes on advantage to young adventurers. And working mums and fathers are not always capable to check, than their precious child, for three months left of - under school custodies is engaged during each concrete moment of time. The decision of this uneasy situation – country and school camp.

School - all year long

School camp – the excellent decision for those parents who is not ready to leave the child for a long time. Such child care centres will work all for eight hours per day, however to have a rest in them to schoolboys it will be possible is not worse at all, than outside the city limits. Duration of change in such camp makes 21 day. For children of younger school age obligatory point of a day regimen is the quiet time. Also in school camps three meals a day for the sum 71 rouble a day are provided. By the way, this money will undertake not from a parental purse, and from the regional budget. The unique item of expenses of parents becomes « the cultural program » after all plans of work of such camps provide various excursions and campaigns in museums, theatres, city parks. But, besides, children will have a possibility to have a good time and is absolutely free: Teachers have prepared for the wards various intellectually - informative and sports actions, and also interesting competitions. Besides, in summer vacations on the basis of educational institutions work of children`s associations, circles, studios, sections for children, visiting camp with day abiding, and also for teenagers of microdistrict will be organised.

According to the head of department of education of a city of Penza Yury Golodjaeva, since June, 1st school camp will open in 67 educational institutions. Thus, for a summer in child care centres of this kind 75 % from them &ndash can have a rest in total more about 11 thousand schoolboys, and almost; children from needy families. This quantity becomes even more powerful and notable in comparison with that fact that all in our city about 40 thousand children of school age.

Summer in the country

For those children who are ready to live rather independently and are capable to transfer three-week separation from the house, will work country camp. Now in a municipal education system is available such four establishments: « the Builder » « the Eaglet » « October » « the Youth » plus camp « the Romanticist » subordinated to Social city department of Penza. The first arrivals in them will take place 7 - on June, 10th.

it is necessary to notice that this year camp prepare for a meeting of children most carefully. And business not only in standard cleaning of cases, in an accomplishment of territories or in scrupulous selection of members of teaching staff and the personnel. According to the assistant to the head of administration of a city of Penza of Larissa Rjabihinoj, this year the huge amount of works on major repairs of municipal camps is spent, and it means that modern « pioneers » will live in remarkable conditions. Current works on an accomplishment business has managed, perhaps, only in « the Eaglet ». In other establishments of a similar profile it was necessary to change completely nutrition unit, anew to equip lunch halls, to put in order roofs.

camp Major repairs « the Builder » has been begun last year. During the current year in this hard business at last - that the point has been put. Here the pool, a roof of a dining room, a window, a first-aid post and one inhabited case became the main objects of work. It is not less forces and means it is put in preparation « the Youth » to a meeting of children: here it was necessary to replace all system of water supply, to buy new furniture. For all these needs necessary for creation of comfortable conditions for the Penza schoolboys, it has been allocated more than eight millions roubles, and the basic part of this sum – five millions roubles – from the municipal budget.

It is possible to tell with full confidence that each child will find in country camps to itself employment to liking. It will be contributed by carefully developed complex of mass actions of a various orientation. Besides, in children`s country establishments pools, libraries, creative mugs and sports sections will work.

In municipal country camps a five-single food is provided. In the menu nutritious various dishes, including fruit and vegetables that is why food cost makes 171 rouble a day are put.

the Special attention is given security of schoolboys. Protection of country camps during the summer period will be carried out by employees of the private security enterprises on contractual conditions. Besides, to bear night watch it is necessary by turns and to members of teaching staff. So it is possible to be completely assured that nothing will interrupt a sleep of your child. But, as it is known, God helps those who help, that is why in the first days after arrival to children will tell, properly itself to conduct in case of occurrence of emergency situations. Besides, in all camps will pass uchebno - training employment on evacuation of the personnel and pupils.

in the Future summer in municipal country camps will have a rest and will correct the health more than eight thousand children. The special attention is given to the organisation of rest of children who have appeared in a difficult reality situation. In summer vacations for the given category of schoolboys the camp will work.

« House » Summer

Unfortunately or fortunately, but change in any camp is not eternal. And even much of those children, possibility to like unique romanticism of life in country camp which this summer will stand out, at least some summer weeks it is necessary to spend in a city. Parents of such schoolboys should acquire one simple true: if in camps, both country, and school, responsibility for the wards is born by teachers in the rest of the time to be responsible for acts and wrongdoings of the unruly children it is necessary to parents.

- a Considerable quantity of children and does not leave in the summer a city, - Yury Golodjaev on special has told a press - the conference devoted to the organisation of summer improving campaign. – June &ndash most mass month is; during this period in Penza remains about 70 % of schoolboys, a part from them hand over final or end-of-year examinations. It is very important, that children have not been given to themselves.

, first of all, it is necessary to blame parents who have not looked through For any misfortune which can happen to the child, have not checked, have neglected a situation. Unfortunately, on - former there are cases when adults need supervision. For example, according to the head of department on affairs GO and CHS cities of Penza of Nikolay Zavadovsky, the quantity dorozhno - transport incidents with participation of minors recently has increased. And this indicator has increased not at the expense of children rushing under wheels by the carelessness, and at the expense of parents who safely break Traffic regulations, without reflecting that life of own children depends on their decisions. A way out – full comprehension of responsibility of adults for destiny of children.

Besides, it is necessary to try to make so that at the teenagers who have remained alone with self simply does not remain to time for nonsenses.

- all forms of employment of children This summer will be saved. All mugs, sections, teenage clubs of a city will continue to function in the summer, the schedule of their work only can change, - the chief of a municipal government of education has noted.

As a rule, in summer heat of children pulls to water. Not only that children bathe not in places specially taken away for this purpose so also not always adequately estimate the forces, swimming away on depth. That the pleasant was combined not only with useful, but also with safe, thirsting to have a good swim the child it is necessary to direct to pool, instead of on a wild beach. In 15 - ti educational institutions of a city pools in the summer will function. It is necessary to specify only the schedule of their work, and the schoolboy can much napleskatsja in pure water under supervision of teachers of physical culture.