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To the businessman who has removed Stalin from the bus, Townspeople now have revenged

can see in streets Bottom here such announcements:

« the Shame! On the eve of sacred for all of us a Victory Day the owner of fixed-route taxi T - 18 G.Saakjan has broken the image of the Banner of Victory from the GROOVE, leaving unilaterally the agreement with the advertising agency which is carrying out on national money the action the Victory Bus . You still go by state of emergency of Saakjan? I - was not present! ».

we Will remind, in the end of April organizers of the All-Russia action « the Victory Bus » on streets of Nizhni Novgorod have let out a minibus with Joseph Stalin`s image. Money for public transport pasting was collected by those who considers till now the generalissimo as the leader of all people. But, having spent on a city of all half-day, stalinobus was gone. The owner of transport Grigory Saakjan has ordered to remove Joseph Vissarionovicha`s portrait ( to read more in detail ) from a minibus.

- When glued the poster, nobody has told that on it Stalin will be represented, - the businessman was angry. - I have made decision to remove the poster. Stalin - a figure inconsistent, also it is not necessary to represent it on public transport. By the personal car hang up, please, and on my property - it is not necessary.

the Photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

- Having broken from the bus the Banner of Victory and a portrait of the Supreme commander in chief, Saakjan has betrayed memory of 106 Armenians - heroes of Soviet Union and thousand their fellow citizens waring in a brotherly family of the Soviet people with a Hitlerism, - the organizer of the action « is indignant; the Victory Bus » in Bottom Evgenie Dolgopolov. - Egors and Kantarija to set up the Victory Banner 1418 days battled. Saakjan has held on four hours.

the Photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

Nizhniy Novgorod stalinisty was hanged out on a city by the leaflets denouncing Saakjana. And then have started creation … « Gazelles » Victories! The driver of the lorry from Dzerzhinsk Valery has voluntary offered the vehicle for placing on it of a portrait of the leader.

- it began a shame to be afraid already of everything, especially before the daughter, - Valery has explained the decision. - after all it studies history and knows that there can not be an army without the commander. And while warriors believe the commander, and that in the army - is chance of Victory.

Buses with Stalin « onboard » this year left in 26 cities of Russia. And only in Nizhni Novgorod the leader « has gone » on a child of Gorki car factory. And some townsmen have placed similar posters also on the cars.