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Results of academic year in Moscow: Graduates without the certificate became more, and - it is less than bribes

this year without certificates there were 142 persons (last year round dvoechnikov was 81). These children have filled up both obligatory subjects. However, all of them can equally enter college under the certificate 9 - go a class and the inquiry on the termination 11 - go a class. Or to try the luck next year. But at capital the best in the country results on history, the physicist, geography, English and Spanish to languages.  

In the meantime the Moscow parents began to complain of requisitions less. Partly it was affected, probably, by the awesome promise of Department of education of Moscow that the teacher, helping to write off on Unified State Examination, will be dismissed.  

- I will not hide, with considerable quantity of heads of educational institutions in which complaints have proved to be true, it was necessary to leave, - has informed   the head of department   Isaak the Guelder-rose. - Also I am afraid that it yet the end of struggle against requisitions. But that their number has decreased, - the fact.

to defeat corruption schools, officials began to pay more to teachers.

- One year ago the salary of teachers averaged 37 thousand, - has compared the sums the Guelder-rose. - today, in connection with transition to new system, it fluctuates from month to month, but keeps at level from 52 to 56 thousand roubles.