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The president of UEFA Michel Platini: At Euro - 2020 will not be the owner

- Poland and Ukraine have organised fantastic tournament which we will for ever save in memory, - very quickly, it is literally swallowing words, has read Platini on a piece of paper. - to gallant all participants!

Followed then the message from the president of halls has first conceived as a joke.

- There is an idea. Why Euro - 2020 not to spend on all continent? I will remind: 24 commands will participate in tournament, for them it is required 12 - 13 stadiums. Why not to organise Euro accordingly in 12 - 13 cities of the different countries?. Are surprised? And so, it only idea. Such decision can be accepted only following the results of general meeting of representatives of all European federations. We at all did not think of what countries can be presented and what cities. Any where is or will be good stadiums. Such idea was born exclusively from economic reasons. It is much more favourable to organise tournament in in advance prepared conditions. There, where it is not required buildings of the new airports and enormous investments in an infrastructure. We will be defined with idea in the end of the year.

- Perhaps then it is necessary to admit to participation at all 24, and all 32 commands?

- to Get for Euro and so it becomes easier with expansion of structure of participants on 8 commands. 32 is already too. Selection practically will lose meaning. I against.

- As you explain to fans, what Euro on all continent it is convenient?

- Anyhow, fans should fly much. We will admit, on a course of tournament they will need to go from London to Paris. It will move easier and more cheaply from capital to capital, than to reach from the big capital Gdansk or Donetsk.

- Before the Euro ending - 2012 best bombardiry have all on three hammered balls. In 84 - m you have hammered in nine. When the record of Platini will fall?  

- Nine it is very uneasy, believe to me. Besides now football has changed. All commands have a defence deliberate plan. Thus the statistics says that productivity has increased.

Commands hammered for Euro much. All records when - nibud will be beaten, including mine.

- a leah In a course you, what Sergey Fursenko has decided to leave fast of president RFS?

- Yes, certainly. But thus mister Fursenko remains an active member of UEFA (as a member of executive committee. - a comment red.) . I do not know, why it has occurred. He did not tell anything to me. I believe, this domestic concern of federation. We wait for a Russian side choice.

- What impression was left by Russian national team for Euro?

- After the first match it seemed to much that your command - one of favourites. Players in itself very good. Why did not leave group? Russia did not leave group because has taken the third place.

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