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Mother of the guitarist CHajFa Vladimir Begunova obokrali

Nina Begunova since the morning before has decided to understand with affairs. It was going to descend in agrarian firm and to pay to contractors for garden works. On the way to the old woman two young men have approached. Strangers have begun to ask, a leah saw the woman nearby any package. A pier, have forgotten it where - that here, and now cannot find. While compassionate Nina Konstantinovna tried to help, to it the friend of criminals has imperceptibly crept and has snatched out a bag. In the same second all three have jerked from a place.

- In a bag there was a purse with enough great sum. At least for my mum it is a lot of - an order of thousand euro, - has told «» Vladimir Begunov. - my mum, as well as other old women, is naive and trusting, therefore is easily conducted on inventions of criminal swine. OK, though it is live remained … But, of course, perenervnichala it is strong. Right after thefts she has called me. I, certainly, have immediately arrived, have calmed her and have persuaded to write the application in police.

However itself roker it is adjusted sceptically enough concerning investigation.