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At 91 - the summer old woman have selected 1 million 650 thousand roubles

91 - summer Arina Vasilevna M has removed in the Savings Bank all accumulation of life - 1 million 650 thousand roubles. Under the informal data, the woman wanted to help to buy to relatives apartment. As soon as she has gone out of doors Old Kachalovsky in Southern Butovo, the man and the woman were behind attached. Blow... The unfortunate old woman, having received a fist on a head, has failed. Predators have snatched out a handbag and have jerked with it for a corner. There, most likely, they were waited by the car.

- Typical, unfortunately, history, - have explained « in Department of Internal Affairs Jugo - the Western district. - in banks very often « are on duty » predators - look, who removes the large sum. Therefore, receiving a serious cash, always take with itself someone from relatives. Better - the man. And it is even better - call to a threshold of bank of a taxi. Hardly gangsters will stop you and will try to plunder - too much noise and witnesses.

Arina Vasilevna, fortunately, is live and has already come to the senses. Against its offenders have filed criminal charges under article « a robbery ». In police have declared that the videocameras established in bank will help to calculate them.