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Syria was discussed in Geneva

by Participants « Groups of actions » across Syria in which number were Russia, the USA, Great Britain, China, France, Turkey, a number of the Arabian countries and representatives of the United Nations, have developed perfect wishes. They have denounced violence, have confirmed the status spetsposlannika with Kofi Annan, have called for peace talks and carrying out of reforms, have expressed readiness to help money. But the most important thing - the sovereignty and independence of Syria have been confirmed. That is speech about military operation against Damascus does not go yet. And, perhaps, in it considerable our merit. However, in due time the USA have attacked Iraq, anybody the permission without asking.

- We have learnt that across Syria Russia and the USA nevertheless can agree, - has commented «» results of a meeting the director of Institute of the Near East Evgenie Satanovsky. - After all till now state secretary Clinton behaved as the offended first-grader, repeated that supposedly « If you do not stand in advance in the corner the Syrian president, I do not talk to you » also looked back through a shoulder, a leah attentively to it listen. Now it is ready to communicate normally.

But the Syrian party from it it is not easier - there there is a civil war. If someone wants instantly it to stop, it should occupy Syria and to shoot everyone going out of doors with the weapon. Other variant - to displace a management of Saudi Arabia and Qatar which stand up for this civil war. But it is doubtful, that similar measures were discussed. And without such steps my forecast is rather sad: the Intrasyrian conflict will inflame, opposition will pass to level of ethnic groups, nations, the big families and blood feud, characteristic for this region. As a result - or victory of the government and a rough handling with its opponents, or disorder of the country which will turn back still bolshej blood. The big war of the West against Syria too is not excluded, but it will be very ruinous, will pass with the big losses for both parties and will give up as a bad job plans to press Iran with its nuclear workings out...