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to Catch at a trunk after pair phrases on the Internet it it is ridiculous

the Conflict on   a site « Schoolmates » between inhabitants of village Eremeevka of the Poltava area has come to the end with shooting. The local machine operator has informed community about   to the future wedding. But its acquaintance has written under   this phrase what to envy there is nothing, as he will soon throw the future wife. A pier, the guy babbling. The young man has come to   to the offender in   visitors. To   to misfortune of the woman, the machine operator in   hands the gun left her husband on   has got; a porch. In   a result the guy has shot from   pneumatic to the girl in   a forehead (read « In the Omsk region in sotsseti the young woman has received a shot for the comment in a forehead ») .

For it the world court has sentenced « an arrow » to   to four months of obligatory works. But the woman considers the decision too soft and   in the near future will try to appeal against against it.

Here is how have responded on   this publication our readers.

the Cactus:

- What for to interfere in   another`s life? Something is not pleasant, so write it in   lichku, and   do not expose on   a universal review. And   suffered, it was visible, boring and   it would be desirable thrills. It them and   has received.


- If the guy so has reacted, means, all is correct about it have written. Only silly and   inutile people take offence on   truth.

the Glitch:

- Well and   What for it made comments on what this young man has written, time it so is not pleasant to it? I do not understand such people whom the loaded word everywhere would be desirable to tell. In it to be engaged there is nothing more, a leah that? But the guy, of course, too a shot still that. Would ignore - and   all. But that here still you will tell. Russian village …


- Any muzhik never in   lives would not began to row with   another`s wife, and   would talk with   her husband if any problems have arisen.


- Who for   it after such in marriage to leave - that has wanted?


- I Hope that the woman will achieve more rigid punishment. It in   the person has shot! It is normal unless? I   completely on   to its party, after all everyone has a just cause on   the statement of the opinion.


- Absolutely people sdureli. Such in   it is impossible to start up the Internet!

the Virus:

- the Internet   is very much an excited environment. And   at times the people sitting at monitors, transpass all borders. Without being afraid of real punishment, they start to offend the interlocutors without cause. But it is impossible to give vent to emotions. Show respect to   to associates! To catch at the weapon, on - to mine, it is search. All - taki before it was the woman. It was necessary to remove simply its comment and   to bring in   the black list. And   any problems.


- Like adult people, and   from - behind everyone nonsense of war arrange. It is boring to live, so get out from   the Internet, be engaged in any business. Then and   attention you will not convert on   any silly comments.