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New portal 24 has been recognised by the best site of 2011 in the financial industry on June, 29th, 2012

On the annual award which have passed on June, 27th « a Runet Rating » spent at participation   CMS Magazine, new portal 24 has been recognised by experts the best site of 2011 in a nomination « the Finance, investments, banks ».


the New public portal   www. vtb24. ru   is the unique project of bank VTB24 and a web - ADV/ web - engineering, directed on optimisation of sales in online and increase of efficiency of remote service. The public portal has been designed so that the user could familiarise in online with new services of bank, calculate tariffs approaching for, to generate on a site the order and automatically to send it on a complete set in territorially convenient office. The accurate scheme of purchase allowing to the user unmistakably to find the necessary information has been thus built, to choose services and to reserve them on a site. Such approach has provided high conversion of visitors of a site in buyers.  


Unique feature of the given project is realised within the limits of a portal   www. vtb24. ru   « seamless integration ». Business - processes and the public services connected with   by service of users in online, have been united and became a part of the uniform information system built by the general principle and placed on a uniform platform. Thanks to such decision have been automated internal business - the processes of bank connected with management by the information, time spent by employees for work with a site is as much as possible reduced and efficiency of remote service is raised.


it is necessary to notice that portal 24 – the first and while unique in the world the public bank site developed on a platform   Microsoft SharePoint   2010 on technology « seamless integration ». In connection with uniqueness of the decision project realisation passed with active support of experts Microsoft.


Alexey Persianov, the general director   ADV / web - engineering :

« We are glad that the expert community on worthiness has estimated ours with 24 work on a new portal. He has allowed to realise the new concept of sales and more effective remote service for bank.   we hope that shortly seamless platforms become the standard,   To the most meeting requirements both the bank industry, and the consumer market ».


Michael Kozhokin, the assistant to the president - chairman of the board 24, the director of department of marketing and public relations:

« Site 24 monthly visits more than two and a half millions persons. Here it is possible to learn the information on products for physical and legal bodies to fill the questionnaire and to make an application on credit reception, to specify the locations of offices and cash dispenses, to be well informed about latest news 24.

New   a site   – the major communication option of bank with the clients and the high-grade channel of sales ».


About the award « a Runet Rating »

Competition of sites « a Runet Rating » — The main annual award for the best sites in the categories for a web - developers, and one of the main awards for owners of sites. Competition passes in three stages: popular voting, voting of jury and an expert estimation. Into task force enters about 100 known experts from different spheres   IT - business.

In 2012 of the application form for participation have submitted over 800 sites from various branches of business. www. ratingruneta. ru/ awards


About bank VTB24:

Bank VTB24 (Joint-Stock Company) – the second retail bank of the country. The basic shareholder 24 is Open Society Bank VTB (98,92 % of actions). The collective of bank adheres to values and principles of international financial group VTB. A bank network form more than 600 offices in 69 regions of the country. Bank services already has used more than 10 million clients.   www. vtb24. ru


about the company   ADV/ web - engineering co.:

ADV/ web - engineering   co. – one of the largest Russian a web - integrators, enters into a top - 3 best companies in the market. The company specialises on working out of functionally difficult projects on a web - technologies: projects in the field of electronic commerce,   B2C - projects, public portals, operational portals, B2B - decisions, state G2C and G2B projects, the intranets. Is the expert in the field of transfer of offline business in the on-line environment. The company possesses the biggest shop on manufacture the Internet - projects in Russia, regularly introduces new techniques and standards.

Among key clients   ADV:   24,   LG, the Megaphone, Kaspersky`s Laboratory,   Microsoft,   X5   Retail Group, Eldorado, Bank the Russian standard, Independence,   Panasonic,   Komatsu, Alrosa, Akado, LUKOIL, ProBiznesBank, PromSvjazBank,   American Express, the multinational corporation - BP.     www. adv. ru