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The credit vskladchinu

it is more favourable to buy at once habitation in the property, than to pay for demountable apartment.

the Housing credit – expensive pleasure. To borrow the large sum, it is necessary to earn not bad. The low income does not allow to borrow necessary quantity of money and to buy that habitation which would be desirable. Therefore it is necessary to choose: Or to get real estate is cheaper (with smaller metric area, on suburb), or to search sozaemshchikov. The second way has both pluses, and minuses.


- Here a standard situation: the family from remote places in number of four persons moves to Moscow or other big city, - Sergey Akulov, the independent financial adviser speaks. - it is clear that at the first stage incomes at all members of a family low. But they understand that it is more favourable to buy at once habitation in the property, than to pay for demountable apartment. It is one of moving strategy.

At each bank the approach to a question on that, how much can be sozaemshchikov under one credit. Many credit organisations are limited to two. In the Savings Bank it is possible to involve about three persons, and under some programs AIZHK – to four. Naturally, the more people participates in the credit, the it is more at them the cumulative income. Therefore the bank is ready to give out to such pool of borrowers larger sum of money.

- Usually banks are ready to give the credit in the event that monthly payment will not exceed 45 - 50 % from incomes of the borrower, - explain at financial planning Institute. - if it is some borrowers, payment pays off proceeding from their cumulative income.

On the one hand, it is favourable, if all participants of the transaction are going to pay tick. Then it is possible to take more spacious and comfortable apartment. With another if de - fakto the basic buyer one, and sozaemshchiki are only assistants in reception of larger sum the client can charge itself with unreasonable cargo.

- So usually do, when at the person the grey income, and the bank demands acknowledgement under the form 2 - NDFL, - Sergey Akulov speaks. - in this case it can use the income of the relatives or friends to receive the necessary sum on credit. But happens and so that at the person white incomes, and the means countenanced by bank do not suffice: for example, give 2 million roubles, and it is necessary for 3 million Then the client searches for the friend - sozaemshchika to outwit bank. It is such veiled form of a loan. But in this case its payment on a mortgage can make 70 - 80 % from its income. As it will cope with monthly payments, not quite clearly.

Thus sozaemshchik in this case strongly risks. Like on - friendly will help, and then remains in private with a debt if the borrower for any reason (not falling under insurance policy action) cannot pay tick.


Sozaemshchikami automatically become spouses because under the law all property got in marriage on vozmezdnym to contracts, is joint. Certainly, this point it is possible to bypass and issue real estate only on one person, but for this purpose it is necessary to make the wedded contract and to register in it property division. According to sociologists, 2 % of pairs in our country there are less enter into among themselves the such agreement.

it is frequent in a role sozaemshchikov immediate families &ndash act; parents, children, brothers, sisters. Basically to bank it is not important, who will repay a debt (your brother, the father-in-law, the child-hood friend or the neighbour in a staircase). But if with relatives all is clear, it is important to creditor to know, on what basis the extraneous person will give for you the credit. Especially if problems with payments begin.

Institute sozaemshchikov - very flexible piece. They can both to have the rights to the property, and not to have them, and to be only debtors under the credit. These are personal arrangements of those who gets real estate. The bank in most cases will not go into details. That fact that payments on account of a mortgage were made in time and in full is interesting to it only.

- If sozaemshchikov a little all of them are the obliged persons and should pay under the credit, - have explained in Agency on mortgage housing crediting. - accordingly, the creditor can make the demand to any of them. To bank it is not important, from whom from borrowers payment has arrived. If it has arrived, prezjumiruetsja that it has arrived from all borrowers. The third party which the borrower is not can pay even. If payment has not arrived or has arrived not completely (for example if sozaemshchiki have agreed that will bring each payment in the equal shares, thus one has paid the part, and the others – is not present) the creditor will not understand who from borrowers has contributed the share of payment and who – no. In this case the creditor will demand platzh either from everything, or from any of borrowers. Also it will be right. And sozaemshchiki let understand then among themselves who to whom how much should.

the PROPERTY In exchange for OBLIGATIONS

What to do if to you suggest to become sozaemshchikom? Besides, if it is a question of near relations, a question « to be or not to be » in most cases disappears by itself.

- At the son the official salary small, therefore we with the wife of a steel sozaemshchikami that it apartment is closer to us has bought, - the reader «» speaks; Michael from Ulyanovsk. – the income at it normal, will consult. Well and we, if that, will help.

According to experts, in quality sozaemshchikov it is better to take near relations (for example, parents) which in case of problems with payments will always come to the rescue of you, but thus will not apply for your living space. But how to be, if to become sozaemshchikom ask you? Naturally, all depends on your mutual relations in a family or with the friends.

- Certainly, it is quite probable that at you very much close relations with friends, and you are assured of their honesty and decency, - Sergey Akulov speaks. - but what you interest to hang up on itself a debt, and the right to the property thus not to receive?

If to you suggest to become sozaemshchikom, but thus do not want, that you got the property right to put premises it is necessary to reflect: and a leah it is necessary to participate in this transaction? In this case your role will not differ from a role of the guarantor: at which one duties, but are not present the rights. Moreover, if sozaemshchik will want to take itself the credit the bank cannot give it the large sum. After all the bank will consider that on it one debt already hangs. And in case of problems with payments the credit history spoils at all without an exception sozaemshchikov.

- the Institute sozaemshchikov approaches for immediate families more, - Sergey Akulov speaks. - a mortgage - the long-term credit. To involve in it extraneous people not always it is defensible. Though, of course, there are also those to whom friends are closer, than relatives. But it is faster an exception of a rule.

If you take the credit in an ideal, in credit mutual relations it is better than anybody, except the most close members of a family, not to involve. And the risks to reduce what to create own reserve fund and to count the forces. If to you suggest to become sozaemshchikom, it is necessary to think properly. Necessarily take an interest, what rights and duties at you will be? Naturally, it is better, if you receive a share in got apartment. And differently what sense to charge itself credit with burden? Do not hesitate to issue it documentary. A mortgage take, as a rule, on millions roubles and for many long years. So it is better to make secure.


- only the citizen of Russia;

- spouses and immediate families, in certain cases - friends;

- persons are more senior 18 years;

- those who have a permanent job, the seniority should be at least half a year – year;

- at the moment of mortgage loan reception plus loan term 60 years for men and for women should not exceed 55 years current age.

- the same documents, as for the borrower: the passport, a copy labour, the inquiry 2 - NDFL and etc.