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Maksidom : the accomplishment - our common cause

And by the way, a leah is known by you how the park has appeared and developed? Thanks to the most usual townspeople — in 1903 pupils of grammar schools, their parents and teachers have landed about 1000 young trees. Thanks to care nizhegorodtsev, to their solicitous attitude to trees, for rather short time in our city there was a small green file. It has received the name for beauty « Switzerland ». After revolution park have renamed into honour of a Bolshevik of P.Krinova.

In 50 - yh years of the last century undertaking of grammar-school boys was continued by students - members of the Komsomol, having landed saplings along the Arzamas highway (nowadays — Gagarin`s prospectus). The park has replaced again a name —   it began to be called as park « Lenin Komsomol ». But « novojaz » has not got accustomed, and later 40 years to park have returned its historical name — « Switzerland ».

Now the park is visited daily by some thousand persons: to have a rest from vanity and city noise, to drive on rollers, to visit attractions and a zoo, to take a walk on coast of Oka. And « Switzerland » constantly equips with modern conveniences, and in many respects thanks to patrons of art and benefactors from number nizhegorodtsev.

the Company « Maksidom » has presented to park the big flower bed which has decorated the central input in park, and also 15 new benches from morenogo an oak.

  — Nizhniy Novgorod « Switzerland » — this general property of townspeople if want — our pride and consequently we consider as the debt to take active part in a park accomplishment, — the director tells Open Company TOP « Maksidom » Nizhni Novgorod Paul Bochkov. — we Hope that townspeople will estimate pleasant changes and will support our initiative.

Park « Switzerland » — the known park of Nizhni Novgorod most, perhaps, and area. And to arrange well its territory — a problem even not city, and regional scale.

By the way, shops during the moment « opening » were not empty. On one the company of young men, on another &mdash has settled down; Elderly pair, with interest observing of an event in park. Except a gift « material » « Maksidom » has prepared a surprise « aesthetic » — a small violin concert.

  — We are convinced that philanthropy in any displays — this big, kind and necessary business. For this reason the cycle of actions devoted 15 - letiju the networks, passing from March till October, 2012 in Nizhni Novgorod, carries a social orientation, — Paul Bochkov has underlined.

we Will remind that in April in the same park « Maksidom » has carried out other social action — competition on building of starling houses and feeding troughs for birds among schoolboys of Nizhni Novgorod. Within the limits of competition more than 40 schools of Kanavinsky and Lenin areas have received as a gift from « Maksidoma » on three sets of manual tools: nozhovki, saws, roulettes, building squares and etc.   At special open lessons,   using these tools, children the hands have made starling houses and feeding troughs for birds who are placed today in park « Switzerland ».

the Inquiry

the Company « Maksidom » it is based in 1997. At present « Maksidom » — these are 9 shops in which work more than 2500 employees. The shop in Nizhni Novgorod has opened in November, 2008.

Today « Maksidom » enters into number of the largest companies of Russia and takes in the lead positions on a commodity market for repair and building. According to the majority of the ratings published in mass-media, « Maksidom » is in the five of the largest networks DIY in Russia. At present the company is presented by nine hypermarkets seven of which are in St.-Petersburg, one — in Nizhni Novgorod, and one — in Kazan.

« Maksidom » adheres to idea of conducting socially responsible business. So, last year the company has allocated building materials and has helped under repair prachechnogo branches of sanatorium for treatment of children with DTSP « Autozavodsky » co-operated with Charitable Fund « Our children » and the Public charitable organisation of Invalids - Koljasochnikov « the Alliance - And ».

the Additional information on the company on a site: www. maxidom. ru

By the way

In park in the extent of 3,5 kilometres are landed a number of rare trees, including a Manchurian nut, the Amur velvet, red oaks and chestnuts. The age of some trees reaches 150 years. In park territory meet brought in the International red book an orchid « the Venus shoe present » and « lunnik long-term ».