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Lions will solve office secrets, and didymuses - to fascinate business partners

the Aries

(on March, 21st   - on April, 20th)

this week all can envy your working capacity only! It seems that the thought on forthcoming holiday gives you new forces. Showing patience and organisation, you can be not only are effective in work, but also will avoid unreasonable expenditure of energy and problems.

a Taurus

(on April, 21st   - on May, 21st)

Odd-come-shortlies promise to be extremely fruitful. One advice: in the decision of business matters operate more actively, do not give in to objections of opponents, after all you too can mind to them. In the middle of the week you will find a way out of the difficult or confused situation, accurately will see prospect of your work and with success will continue the begun projects. In a word, you on a game!


(on May, 22nd   - on June, 21st)

Stars have chosen you the favourites. Dared forward! Be not afraid of changes: a cheerful spirit will make you attractable not only for an opposite sex, but also for business partners. With self-assured people it is more pleasant to work.

the Cancer

(on June, 22nd   - on July, 22nd)

For you there comes the period of transition from some calm in career   - to the further successes in it. Now you should lay the foundation for these happy changes. New acquaintances or, probably, work change lay ahead you. Now you can count on understanding and the help higher, men of weight, successful contacts to official bodies. Seize the moment!

the Lion

(on July, 23rd   - on August, 23rd)

your creative searches at last will crown by success. And the congenital diplomacy and knowledge of foreign languages on worthiness will be estimated by your partners or colleagues. You become the owner of the essential information which use will help you to promote on an office ladder.

the Virgin

(on August, 24th   - On September, 23rd)

the Hard labour (such your work this week will seem to you) will give the chance to be allocated, cause a stir, become more appreciable. A leah you aspired to it recently? The prospect to career growth will be designated very accurately. Also it is the successful period for negotiations, establishments of favourable relations.


(on September, 24th   - on October, 23rd)

to add to itself business activity this week, you need to be more active … in love! When the soul sings, on work it is possible to move   is now about you. Your enthusiasm will necessarily notice higher and will charge you new projects that should amuse your ambition. More carefully!

the Scorpion

(on October, 24th   - on November, 22nd)

Now in your professional field « it was drew » favorable conditions   - it is a high time to punch to itself a way upward. And for this purpose it is necessary to surprise all   - the boldness. Stars say that you have every chance! Operate quickly, concentrate on the main thing, thus do not contradict the heads. Rely on support of people of advanced age.

the Sagittarius

(on November, 23rd   - on December, 21st)

you are waited by interesting days off: new acquaintances, easy dialogue in which result many Sagittariuses unexpectedly can … to be arranged for new work. Or even to find a new source of incomes! Besides, stars promise you love affairs. But thus advise: keep the mouth shut and do not give advice to the people, not capable them correctly to estimate.

the Capricorn

(on December, 22nd   - on January, 20th)

Week will bring successes in work. And participation in ambitious projects will add to you self-trust, and also will expand a circle of potential partners. Now it is good to accept and « to process » ideas of associates among which there will be information very valuable to you.


(on January, 21st   - on February, 19th)

It is congratulated: Your popularity in a society where you rotate thanks to the trade, will grow, by leaps and bounds. Thus, strangely enough, this week you successfully solve many working affairs thanks to the partner in marriage. Good time for searches of new work. On Wednesday at a business meeting you receive the unexpected offer. Do not hurry with the answer …


(on February, 20th   - on March, 20th)

Those Fishes who have changed recently work, now at desire can show bright start. Others can make leap in career on an old place. Expect meetings with colleagues, partners from the past. Think of bringing cardinal changes in your appearance   - will see, to look narrowly at you begin how much more attentively on service.

In tomorrow`s number «» and on a site read, how there will be within the next few days your financial situation. Good luck!

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