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the Range of activity of Victor Dmitrievicha which has taken place a labour way from the ordinary engineer to the chief designer, it is so extensive that it is difficult to name area of manufacture which would appear out of a field of its attention. And all - taki to questions aviation - space subjects, in particular, to devices giroskopii, Victor Dmitrievich always showed a particular interest.

in the childhood Victor has started to be interested in technics. He remembers, how the father, the lieutenant colonel of military unit and the teacher in a military college, during a dinner put a portable radio set on a table and passed commands. Magazines Radio and Technics of youth were in apartment everywhere, and to study them for the inquisitive and inquisitive boy did not represent work. in day of start of the first Soviet companion, - Victor Dmitrievich remembers, - the father has brought the case of the used mine from 120 - a millimetric mortar and has built from it The rocket . This was the present feast! to 8 class it was defined that the exact sciences interest and has passed in a mathematical class where the program studied with great strides so that solved examination problems with ease. With interest studied and in branch MAI where has excellent defended the diploma on a subject the Three-sedate gyroscope on gazodinamicheskom podvese has passed good school of thought, working in Rate - Abijah .

When in 1978 Victor Roginsky has come on instrument-making the design engineer, there was a development of dynamically adjusted gyroscopes. Since first days it has proved highly skilled, technically competent expert who in short terms solved difficult design and industrial questions. With its participation in shop 38 passed development of products 2 - 10, inertial navigating management systems And - 30 and TS - 056. With approach of conversion of Century Roginsky successfully was engaged in preparation of recorder manufacture, and in difficult 90 - e when gosoboronzakaz has fallen to 7 %, has headed working out of products is national - economic purpose.

60 years to the assistant to the chief designer &mdash on June, 27th were executed; to the chief designer of the manufacture 1, the Merited designer of the Russian Federation Victor Roginsky (on a picture).
the Photo: GALKIN Elena


Today Victor Dmitrievich - the chief designer of manufacture of management systems flying machines, avionics and executive mechanisms. At the initiative of Victor Roginsky the enterprise obtains licences for the right of independent working out of components of arms and military technology. Under its management are fulfilled and put on a batch production of system of automatic control by flying machines, release of executive mechanisms for products spetsnaznachenija is mastered. Innovative directions - works on the micromechanic and giroskopii actively accustom.

It is significant that the anniversary Victor Dmitrievich marks on the eve of Day of the inventor and the rationalizer. It the author of the inventions, seven patents for useful models and several tens efficiency proposals.

For Victor Roginsky`s long-term honest work it is noted by the Diploma of the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, the Certificate of honour of the ministry of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation. The organising talent, deep analytical mind, a broad outlook and V.Roginsky`s high professionalism have got the big respect not only at colleagues, but also experts of other enterprises. From the bottom of the heart we wish Victor Dmitrievichu health, well-being, successes in realisation of all creative plans.