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Has made circumcision - under court!

past week the court of the German earth Cologne has equated circumcision of boys on religious motives to a criminal offence. We will remind, this ceremonial is necessary in a Judaism, and also close to obligatory in Islam. Now for similar operation to the doctors who have made it at the desire of parents of minors, article about drawing of physical injuries is made.

With criticism the chairman at once has fallen upon the decision of ground court germano - the Israeli society of Rajnhold Robbe which declared it « attack to religious liberty ».

On behalf of the government of Germany undertook to justify why - that Minister for Foreign Affairs Gido Vestervelle (by the way, openly declared the nonconventional sex orientation). « In Germany free shriving of any religion is protected by the law, - he has declared to journalists.

- also observance of religious traditions » Here concerns;. According to Vestervelle, legal discussions in the country should not call abroad suspicion that in Germany doubt principles of religious tolerance. Thus, a member of the government indirectly « has driven » on judicial bodies, despite their independence fixed in the constitution.

in general as it is visible, not only in Russia, but also in « exemplary » by a part multikulturalizma to Europe, serious passions concerning a thin side between freedom of religion and a zone of responsibility of the state boil.