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The country - to the winner of the European championship is threatened with an economic collapse

the European Union endures splash in cruel unemployment - such yet was not for all time of existence of uniform Europe. Its level makes 11,1 %. Economy of Europe shakes, and the companies cut down expenses not to lose profit. First of all under a knife there are expenses on the personnel.

Unemployment grows quickly. In May, 2011 it made 10,0 %, for May it has risen on 0,1 %.   In total in Europe without work of 24,868 million persons, for a year of such poor fellows it is more on 1,952 million

Is most worse it became necessary winners of Euro - to 2012 Spaniards, there without business 24,6 % of the population loaf, in Greece not much it is better - 21,9 %, is unsweetened in Portugal (15,2 %), Latvia and Ireland. But the special trouble is called by conditions in France and Italy though figures there not such frightening (about 10 %), nevertheless, it is the countries - locomotives of Europe, and it such to suppose on - good it is impossible. Is better affairs are in Austria (4,1 %) and the Netherlands (5,1 %), and the number outcast slowly grows in Austria, but in the Netherlands even falls.

the Rate of unemployment among youth - 22,7 % (year before - 21 %), the highest in Greece (52,1 %) and Spain (52,1 %).