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Since July, 1st life in Vladimir has risen in price

For infringers of traffic regulations hamburgers in Vladimir`s centre will rise in price for 1200 roubles

About new penalties in a press - the centre « - Vladimir » the inspector of department of propagation of regional management of traffic police, the captain Michael Maslov has told:

- basically, penalties are directed on struggle against jams on roads. It concerns stops and parking in not put places.

If earlier the penalty made 300 roubles since July, first he has grown to one - two thousand. The top lath is provided for those who will leave transport on the bridge or under an overpass. A leah will help the included emergency signal? If the car has really broken, yes.

here it is necessary to add that the decision on increase of penalties have accepted one year ago, but their introduction in action have postponed, that cities had time to construct new parkings. In Vladimir it was not appreciable any building activity. Therefore motorists should squeeze the car in already existing. And many of them paid.

- Nevertheless to pay for a parking more cheaply. For example, in city centre hour of parking on a parking costs 30 roubles. And the penalty - that 1500! - captain Maslov has compared figures.

GAI officers hope that by means of new penalties can to disaccustom, for example, motorists to park at « McDonald`s ». And that fans of fast food block half-roads and run to absorb hamburgers and kolu. Now it such gastronomic predilections will manage on 1200 roubles more expensively.

Now infringers will pay for evacuation and storage of their transport on shtrafstojankah.
the Photo: Peter SOKOLOV

For tonirovannye windshields the penalty does not change (500 roubles), but additional punishment is entered. The inspector removes from the car of number and returns them only when to it will show the car with transparent glasses. By the way, without registration number it is possible to go only days.

- We will stop all. Irrespective of, departmental transport or not. I can precisely tell that by cars of traffic police of the forbidden toning is not present. On one, - Maslov has declared.

Also now infringers will pay for evacuation and storage of their transport on shtrafstojankah.

tariffs and for utilities Have grown.

businessmen have already started to derive From increase of penalties the benefit. Rastonirovka cars already has risen in price twice. It is expected that the paid parking will soon cost more expensive also.

How much are gas, an electricity and water?

tariffs and for utilities Have grown. And if the maintenance and repair of premises costs, as before, that tariffs for gas, heating and the electric power have grown from six to fifteen percent. And since September, first tariffs will grow in the second time. Plus on some services (water, an electricity and a heat supply) will change consumption specifications.

Tariffs for the population for using housing - utilities with 01. 07. 2012



In the Ivanovo area tariffs have grown on 12 %

Heat will rise in price two times. Since July, 1st on 4,1 % and since September, 1st on 5,6 %. As a result growth by December, 2011 will make 9,9 %.

the population of the Ivanovo area should pay For hot water more since July, 1st on 3,8 %, and since September, 1st – on 2,9 %, that is growth on a year will make 6,8 %.

Growth of tariffs on cold water as a whole on a year will make 9 % (since July, 1st – on 5,1 % and since September, 1st – on 2,7 %).

For water removal tariffs for a year will increase by 7,4 % (on 4,7 % since July, 1st and on 1,3 % since September, 1st).

- only time, since July, 1st the electricity will least rise in price for 5,6 %.

rise in prices for gas - on 15 % will be the greatest.