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The former colleagues of the Angarsk maniac: He was well informed about investigation of own murders and skilfully fouled the trail

the Former colleagues of the Angarsk maniac: « He was well informed about investigation of own murders and skilfully fouled the trail »
the Photo: the Photo from the sources close to a consequence

the Angarsk maniac Michael of the Item Which, under the version of the investigation, has cruelly finished 15 years ago with 29 young women, now waits for the termination of investigation of criminal case in a pre-trial detention centre 6 Angarsks. And its acquaintances and neighbours try to recover from shock. As they said, it was the exemplary family man and always made impression of the kind, decent citizen. Anybody from people surrounding it even could not think, what exactly this person when - that kept in awe all Angarsk.

we Will remind, Michael P have detained in the end of last week in Vladivostok where it has gone to buy to myself the car. In the past of operative department of militia on duty 1 Angarsk, and then the security guard of one of CHOPov suspect of a series of murders of the women made in a city of petrochemists with 1994 - go for 2000. Leaving bars or coming back from concerts, girls vanished. Found them after months that in woods of Usolsky area, near to Irkutsk. Victims have been cut up by a knife and an axe and (details) are raped.

Among victims of the maniac there were the saleswoman, the teacher, girls of easy behaviour …

For long 15 years townspeople have forgotten about bloody massacres. But now in a city only also say that about the militiaman - the maniac.

- it is difficult to believe In it! - retired militiamen, the former colleagues of Michael P are indignant - But DNA analysis gives practically 100 - a percentage guarantee. Therefore to doubt its results it is not necessary.

the House in which there lived the maniac.
a photo: Julia PYHALOVA

According to the former guards, angarchanin has begun the career in law-enforcement bodies with a post of the assistant to the operative person on duty. In 1998 has received a rank of the second lieutenant and … has there and then left. For its colleagues such act was a riddle.

- it had every chance to make good career, - militiamen in resignation remember. - besides it differed ingenuity, good logic and a grasp. Michael even participated in some operative actions for disclosing of these most brutal murders! Now - that is clear that all of them and made.

As the field investigator knew much about a course of investigation of these cases every time, being off to commit criminal act, was extremely careful and did not leave any traces. Local journalists who those years wrote about these murders, say that Angarsk Chikatilo was off to commit criminal act in the form of the militiaman. Therefore trusting young women also sat down to it in the car. After any time after the first murder of the colleague of Michael P began to notice law - murders occurred only those days when it was not on service. Already then it has pushed them on certain thoughts. And here still this unexpected dismissal …

In shock from an event and neighbours of Michael. That the man is suspected of a series of murders, they have learnt from correspondents « Yes you that?! It such decent person! - its neigbour in Alain Zhimashina`s platform is surprised. - Always greets, never words rough will tell. They live in perfect harmony with the wife. To both already for 40, and they everywhere for the handle go, as a newly-married couple. It so is unusual! Very affable and sympathetic people. I remember, we even as - that together with them and other neighbours in a staircase marked New year directly on a platform. Our daughter Michael helped with solenjami to open banks when we were not at home.

we houses have not found the Spouse of Michael Elena. Only the note for it with the request to call back to urgently someone alone hung on a door. Though after such scandal the woman hardly will dare to open to someone to the stranger a door and especially to call.