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As I went to an aquapark

Vitjusha, you wrote to me that go to be engaged in any sports centre. And me

the orthopedist urgently recommended swimming, on purpose to brake process of wear process of bones as the joint of not operated foot starts to disturb more and more.

Near our house - smart pool with hills, a corner for children, various   water massages, a sauna, gyms, say, -   an aquapark.

I Have come there, have chosen approaching me on time a visitation mode – early, beginning in 6 mornings, having resolved to conduct henceforth for itself a healthy way of life.

So, morning. Has come a bit later and has found out that pool   it is already full floating rovnenkimi (that important!) The numbers without interruption talking in the course of swimming, moving strictly on a circle, grandmothers and grandfathers. Was them, as herrings in a butt!

to Float they each other did not disturb, as all observed a movement established order, but a lung   movement to the right - to the left inevitably provided reception by a foot or a hand on that body who dared to break this order. The desire to manoeuvre ozdoravlivajushchihsja in a trice was gone in this congestion, therefore I have decided to go to sit in small cosy pool with warm vodichkoj where simply you sit, and you are massed by water streams.

it is natural, wishing ponaslazhdatsja massage and there was under an outset, but politely and immediately all have moved, and I have found room for the extremities under beating of a wall fontanchiki. It was boring to sit long, therefore, accurately stepping through feet sitting, I have got out of a water oasis, reflecting where still to direct stops.

And, here it! Nearby absolutely other water massage: from a pipe of enough big diameter water stream powerfully flows. Has stood, observing, as sickly old men cope with pressure simply knocking down, with visible pleasure saving   balance not to fail under these falls, and was ashamed of the fear to rise there and as dashing, having substituted shoulders and a back, to sustain an impact of these streams.

Has risen. Indelible impression. To you not resort massages in the pool, calculated on hardly moving patients, here, at least, the sports category it is necessary to have it. Here to you and impotent old men! Yes they odds will give me the absolute! Simply zauvazhala all this methodically floating public. Certainly, at once has got acquainted with some and has found out sad enough thing: for many of them this pool — unique possibility to communicate to coevals because, as a whole, these old men - are lonely. Two times a week in the mornings they hurry on a meeting with friends to discuss any problems, to listen to advice or most to express own opinion. They spend considerable enough part of the small pension for pool visitation, but can force to refuse them pleasure to see nothing each other,   to rejoice again and again to familiar faces and to hurry to hear salution words: « Dobr é r á no! Jak se m á te? » (Good morning! How are you?).