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The tornado which has flown over Sochi, became the hero of the Internet [video]

Days off at coast were not set. In Anapa from - for ice waters have closed beaches, in Gelendzhik having a rest have run up from - for a strong wind, and only tourists from Sochi has frightened nothing. Instead of somewhat quicker leaving from coast to which the tornado came nearer, people have got chambers and phones and have arranged photosession. And then began to spread rollers on Youtube.

The funnel has passed all in several hundreds metres from the ships

- Tornadoes seldom enough leave water on a land, but all - taki happens also the such. And then - terrible destructions, human a victim, - the Kuban rescuers speak. - the Raged elements - not jokes, therefore remember: if you are on open district, immediately take cover in the nearest ditch, a hole, a ravine. Lay down on a bottom and densely nestle on the earth. In the street be careful of the torn electric seeing-off, high houses and trees, and also publicity boards, fences. For protection against flying fragments and glass splinters use plywood sheets, cardboard and plastic boxes, other make-shifts.

More often the dangerous natural phenomena at the Black Sea coast happen in August and September - all business in the big difference of water temperatures and air. But at times they occur and in the beginning of summer. Whether to wait to us for elements revelry? Perhaps someone should cancel holiday not to impair a little its whims of the nature?

- Rains will go over the weekend including on resorts, but sharp temperature drops will not be, that is the tornado to be afraid any more does not cost, - the main meteorologist of edge Yury Tkachenko assures. - average temperature - +23 degrees that only on one division are less, than usually at this time. Water temperature in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Novorossisk - +19 - +21 ° C, in Yeysk, Primorsko - Ahtarske, Temryuk and Sochi - +24 - +25. And here in 1949 was on - to the present cold, only +10. The record on heat has been established in 2006 - m - +36 degrees. Already after 10 - go numbers indicators will pass a mark in 30 degrees, and in the end of July will reach 40.