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Tjumentsev will release from red tape

Since July, 1st regional and municipal authorities pass subjects of the Russian Federation to electronic interaction. Federal departments have started to communicate in electronic form in October of last year, regional state bodies should pass to this system in some days.

to receive the necessary document, as a rule, citizens should collect the big package of inquiries from different departments. Then they bring them in establishments and wait put time. Since July, 1st, 2012 the quantity of paper documents for reception of state services in the Tyumen region will considerably be reduced.

as have explained in it is information - the educational centre, within the limits of system of interdepartmental interaction state employees will request the necessary information on the applicant in other structures. Certainly, paper documents will be used, because in some cases they are necessary (for example, according to the legislation) or are more convenient, besides in certain cases behind result of the rendered electronic service it is necessary to be personally.

since July, 1st inhabitants of the country can inform on cases of the wrongful requirement of superfluous documents and inquiries at rendering of state services on a special site 210. gosuslugi. ru. to the Citizen will enough enter into the special form on a site the name of region, department, the address and document type, and it will receive the information on that, it should give it independently or not.


For today in the Tyumen region works it is information - help service (3452 566 - 330 concerning rendering of electronic state services.