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Lake in park 1100 - letija Smolensk will put in order by the end of autumn

Till this moment of money for reconstruction by order of the park dirtied by local residents 1100 - letija Smolensk in a city purse was not. Some benches and urns for garbage are everything, on what the city budget was capable.

Present millions which will be spent for park reconstruction, the investor has found. Actually park is only additional, but, nevertheless, not cheap duty which have solemnly handed over to the Germans, wishing to construct a hypermarket in territory of the existing micromarket the Ear . For all project the German investor is ready to lay out one and a half billion roubles. It almost half of annual city budget.

The hypermarket expect to erect for a year. And investors tozhestvenno promised that the green zone, which area of 128 hectares, at building will not suffer almost. Only 5 hectares should be used under needs of shopping centre.   lake should put in order by the end of autumn.

If all will turn out, at smoljan there will be an occasional seat for summer holiday, - a beautiful reservoir in which it will be possible to bathe without harm for health.