Rus News Journal

Young kuzbassovets it has appeared the swindler

As informs the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about one month back the man was converted into militia. He has told that hands over for rent mopeds. Once to it the two boys have come, everyone took to itself(himself) a moped. One of them has paid the put 180 roubles, and at the second money has not appeared. The fellow has left as a deposit the passport. An hour later to the man have returned only one moped. It appears, the boy already went to return a vehicle back, but, passing between garages, has left for a minute . The moped has left at garage and when has returned, has seen, how on it there leave two unknown persons. In militia to the boy have shown all photos available in archive, but on one of them car thieves have not appeared. In some days after incident the owner of a moped has gone to Kemerovo. Driving on the Mariinsky line, ahead of itself has seen a similar moped, only other colour. Moving behind it, the man has seen that ahead of a moped all time goes the Muscovite As though accompanying it. When the man was convinced that it is all - taki its moped, it has overtaken the Muscovite also has blocked road. Then the driver of a moped has come off on the earth and has jumped in the car which has there and then jerked from a place. And here it was not possible to disappear to the passenger of a moped. When the man has removed from it a helmet has seen that the victim the fellow. It was found out that teenagers from the very beginning were in collusion. One should return a moped to the owner, and another will tell the thought up story about theft, for what will receive three thousand roubles. A moped have tired out in garage, have recoloured and have decided to overtake in Izhmorsky area. Behind this employment also have been overtaken by personally suffered businessman. podrostakam threatens till five years of imprisonment for swindle.