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On Altai flowers - hallucinogens

the Proprietress of small flower shop have not grown nearly, expanding assortment, has written out from - for borders party of seeds - a small Hawaiian treelike rose. The whole field could grow from grains of this plant a dope - colours. The matter is that seeds of an overseas plant contain derivative lizerginovoj acids (LSD).

- Employees of service of drug enforcement have completely withdrawn the goods, - tells about prevention of dangerous floriculture a press - the secretary of Regional government FSKN of Russia across Altay territory Paul SELIVERSTOV . - the citizen had 2 kgs of 150 grammes of seeds. And potions in them contained an order of 200 grammes!

According to field investigators, such quantity would suffice to drug the whole city.

the Inquiry

LSD - substance which initially intended for treatment of mental diseases. However   It often use as a drug, and also - the tool in various transtsendentalnyh experts, such as, for example, meditation.

Scientific classification

the Kingdom: plants
Department: pokrytosemennye
the Class: dvudolnye
the Order: paslenotsvetnye
Family: vjunkovye
the Sort: Argyreia
the Kind:   a small Hawaiian treelike rose
the Latin name - Argyreia nervosa (L. f.) Sweet