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Nizhegorodka has provoked acquaintances to murder of the neigbour

46 - the summer woman living in Autofactory area in the street Perehodnikova on September, 5th has asked the familiar men 21 years and 28 years to help it with the conflict to the neigbour in a communal flat which she suspected of theft of a cellular telephone belonging to it.

having seen that the door in a room of the neigbour is locked, they have beaten out it and began to search a mobile phone . Without having found phone, podelniki have squabbled with the mistress.  

and 21 - summer a grief - the assistant in a fuse has struck the woman on a neck and in a thorax. From the received physical injuries the neigbour has died.

the death of the citizen has not stopped men who have decided to profit the neigbour available in a room by office equipment. In particular, they have stolen the TV, home theatre, and an acoustic column.

having sold the stolen technics in the Autofactory market,   Malefactors have decided to disappear from law enforcement bodies.

however employees of criminal investigation department of Autofactory area already have detained next day criminals in the homeland of one of them in Shumerlinsky area of Chuvashiya.

as informs SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Nizhniy Novgorod region, now both suspects are taken into custody. Investigation is made.