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In the Smolensk region will judge mummy who has strangled the child by a belt from a dressing gown

All materials on this sensational case by Roslavlsky interdistrict investigatory department are already passed in court. It - that also will decide destiny of mum - murderers. She has solved destiny of the newborn child itself, having sentenced it to death. All happens in the spring of this year in Roslavle. 17 - the summer inhabitant of Ershichsky area studied on the second year of Roslavlsky professional lycee. Pregnancy and a birth of the child at the girl were not included into the further plans for life. Long before the day, which many mums wait with hope and pleasure, she has solved, as will operate. On March, 26th at the student fights have begun. About any trip to maternity home could not be and speeches - then all would learn, and with the child it was necessary to solve something. Therefore she has decided to give birth independently without medical aid. Having brought the child into the world, mum - the murderer has strangled own child, having wrapped up round a tiny neck a belt from a dressing gown. Has then rushed to wash floors - that nobody has noticed blood stains. And after some minutes has fainted... Unfortunate employees of lycee who have there and then called in first aid have found out. Soon to the place of tragedy the militia has appeared suddenly also. The corpse of the baby wrapped in a package, they have found in a case. Also the crime tool - a belt from a dressing gown in the same place lay. A crime qualified under item 106 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (murder by mother of the newborn child).