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Smoljanin has revenged for the scolded honour of the wife

Roslavlsky interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Smolensk region criminal case on p.1 item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - murder is brought. However it is not excluded that during the investigation article will be retrained on 107 criminal codes of Russian Federation - the murder made in a status of affect.

a sit-round gathering for three became a tragedy harbinger, as usual. As appears from official reports, in the evening on September, 7th 38 - summer earlier the offender the man drank alcohol with two familiar ladies. One of them zasobiralas to leave the company, but not here that was: its acquaintance has barred its way and has snatched with fists. Unfortunate has got - it at first have beaten, and have then raped. Crying, the woman has come back home and has told about all to the husband. Having grown furious, 52 - the summer spouse has immediately gone to the neighbour on dismantlings, having taken with itself an axe. Outposts of the offender of the wife sleeping, the angered husband did not begin to awake him, and has lifted an axe and has some times knocked the offender on the head a butt. At a victim does not remain any chances to survive - man has died on the spot. Its corpse was found out also by field investigators who have arrived on a scene. Suspected of murder have by and by detained. Before the termination of investigation concerning it the preventive punishment in the form of a subscription about nevyezde is selected.