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Ukraine wants, that Lukashenko recognised a genocide of Ukrainians in 32 - m?

Yushchenko invites Lukashenko to take part in the international forum devoted 75 - j to anniversary Golodomora 1932 - 33 years which will pass on November, 22nd in Kiev, - write novini referring to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

the newspaper specifies: the meeting of the ambassador of Ukraine in Belarus Igor Lihovogo with the first deputy minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Igor Petrishenko in which course the Ukrainian party has informed Belarus on Lukashenko`s invitation to take part in this international forum on September, 5th has taken place.

by the way, before Yushchenko has invited to take part in a forum devoted 75 - letiju Golodomora 1932 - 33 in Ukraine, presidents of Hungary Laslo Shojoma, Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbeka Bakieva, Paraguay Fernando Lugo Mendesa and Romania Trajan Besesku.

The inquiry to Ukraine Golodomor 1932 - name 1933 accident of 20 centuries. We quote the Ukrainian site about golodomore: the Terror by hunger arranged with a Stalin totalitarian mode in Ukraine, has led to death of millions grain-growers. For hunger, mass reprisals and deportations Ukraine has lost more than for years of World War I and civil wars . Ukraine demands from Russia as successors of the USSR to recognise a genocide of Ukrainians and to be sorry before the Ukrainian people. Russia asserts that starved and died out those Soviet years both the Russian areas. And the fact of a genocide of Ukrainians does not recognise.