Rus News Journal

In Ulyanovsk murder of the man

the Public prosecutor of Zavolzhsky area of Ulyanovsk is opened the petition of investigating bodies for arrest of the inhabitant of the regional centre which has deprived to life of the casual acquaintance is supported.

the Corpse of the unstated man with violent death signs has been found out in a forest belt in area Zverohozjajstva on September, 2nd.

As it is found out, fulfilment of the given especially dangerous crime has been connected again with abusing alcohol.

In the end of August during the improvised feast between two casually met people there was a conflict in which course to the victim have been caused   plural blows by feet in various parts of a body.

However, despite all efforts of attacking, disappeared from a scene to duck out, he is at present established, detained and exposed in a criminal conduct.

In connection with the proved circumstances Hasanovu Faisu, 1983 year of birth, accusation under item 105 p.1 (murder) of the criminal code of Russian Federation, providing punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term up to 15 years is brought, the suspect is arrested.

Investigation proceeds.