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In Ulyanovsk have passed open games on pjatiborju among nonprofessionals

In Mullovsky city settlement on September, 6th have been summed up open game on pjatiborju which started on August, 30th.

the program of competitions, among other things, included broad jumps
the Photo: www. caravel. ru

In competitions has taken part commands of Individual businessman Rybakova, Joint-Stock Company MATEKO strojinvest, a state farm national team the Pendant .

five entered Into a national team not professional sportsmen not more youngly 20 years - two women and three men. Men took part in struggle (a weight category from 80 kg), javelin throw, broad jumps and in run 2x100 metres, the female part of commands has shown the forces in run 2x50 metres and jumps. Command game - Russian lapta was one of competitions.

as Organizers of action the Committee on affairs of youth MOMGP, Youth group " have acted; Pulse and Committee on physical training and sports.

According to MITS, the command of Individual businessman Rybakova became absolute champions of games.