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In the Kurgan region dealers by trotyl

Nearby to village Chumljak have detained the young man. Among its personal things militiamen have found 11 kgs of trotyl which is famous for the explosive force. One day later in the city of Shadrinsk of this powder field investigators have withdrawn of one more kg from the student of teacher`s college.

the Word trotyl today it is known even to people far from chemistry. This powder I use terrorists. For example, in the Moscow underground when explosion has crumpled some cars and has carried away lives of people, the killing draught has been filled by 200 grammes of trotyl. And here for two days 12 kgs are withdrawn at once!

However, the detained men hardly wanted someone and something to blow up, has told an anonymous source in Kurgan militia. More likely, all arrested persons wanted to make profit of resale of a dangerous powder which they have got, having disassembled old shells in neighbouring military units. While the consequence does not disclose business details. But the disturbing question remains: time in Zauralye sellers, where - that is and buyers of trotyl bossed. And those hardly were going to use this chemistry on fishing!