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Businessmen of Lithuania plan to lower procurement prices of milk

Lithuanian pererabotchiki milk have warned local farmers about intention to lower procurement prices of milk of 10 cents for litre in connection with losses which ostensibly suffer their enterprises.

suppliers of milk have regarded Such decision as punishment   over   them. As a retaliatory measure   farmers are going to boycott one of the processing enterprises, buying milk at the lowest price, and not to sell to it raw materials.

the Lithuanian manufacturers of milk have spent already two protest actions against low procurement prices of milk. During the first action farmers free of charge distributed milk to passers-by before the Diet building, wishing to show that for them better free of charge to give milk, than to sell it for nothing pererabotchikam (the videoclip in the news beginning see).

During the second action farmers have blocked tractors approaches to five largest factories on milk processing, demanding, that procurement price of milk was not below 1 thousand lits for ton while in it pay on the average on 800 lits.

Farmers also demanded, that they from consumer price of dairy production received not less its half   costs while now pererabotchiki and trade take away to itself of 70 %, informs information   a portal news. penki. lt   cÓ the link the Lithuanian mass-media.