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In Kirovo - Chepetsk have caught the tyrant

In Kirovo - Chepetsk militiamen have detained three young men on suspicion in rape of the girl. During the investigation in process one of them participated only. The others have simply sat aside
in the Evening 20 - summer Galina (the name is changed) walked with girlfriends in area Eternal fire in Chepetsk. The car in which there were four strangers has taxied up to girls. Young men have invited girls to sweep, drink beer . Girlfriends Galina have sensibly refused the offer and have gone home. Galina has agreed to sweep... Have released the girl home only at daybreak.

As to militiamen two witnesses now tell, which did not participate in rape: other their two friends at first have strangled Galina a pillow, That did not twitch, but neither its cellular telephone, nor ornaments from gold did not take from the girl .
the Girl was converted with the statement into militia. And next day employees of criminal investigation department OVD on Kirovo - to Chepetsk area have detained a three from four men. Two from them now give testimony, and 20 - the summer idle tyrant is arrested. The fourth man in search, have informed in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Kirov region.
have filed criminal charges under article the Rape made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement . On it the criminal is threatened with imprisonment till ten years.