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To Tyumen there is an extensive cyclone

To the nearest two days territory   the Tyumen region will be   under influence   an extensive cyclone which will continue the   a way on the east through an average current of Ob to the Tomsk region. Weather in its rear part   it is supposed   unstable without   special temperature changes. Further an establishment   in Zauralye of an anticyclone reduces   the probability of deposits, but at night at clearing up is probability of weak frosts. In the afternoon, especially on jugo - the area West, in process of approach of warm front will be gradually teplet.  

In the south of area on September, 10th at night in the majority of areas rains, places strong, a wind severo - western 6 - 11 m/ sek, impulses   are expected; to 15 m/ second Temperature at the night +5+10, in the afternoon places the intermittent rain, temperature +9+14, informs Aloud. ru .

11 - on September, 13th   Against an anticyclone in a zone of inactive front   are possible   insignificant rains, a wind northern   3 - 8 m/ sek, temperature at the night +2+7, in a ground layer are possible weak frosts to - 0 - 1 , in the afternoon +8+13.  

13 - on September, 15th rains, a wind jugo - east   in places are expected; to 6 - 11/ second of Inhabitants of the south of area waits warming: temperature on September, 13th at the night +4+9, in the afternoon +14+19, 14 - on September, 15th to +22. In the north of an agricultural zone at the night +1+6, in the afternoon +8+13.