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Actors of Ivar Kalnynsh and Elena Korikova had an accident

Yesterday nearby 23:00 hours on 147 km of a line of Nevjansk - Rezh - Art Emovsky - Kilachevsky the bus with film actors going on tour across Ural Mountains from Moscow has turned over in full operation.

In road accident on the misfortune known actors of Ivar Kalnynsh, Elena Korikova, Tatyana Arntgolts, Dmitry Isaev, Alexander Lymarev, Anatoly Smiranin and Anatoly Rudenko have pleased. The actor`s troupe went from tours from a city of Alapaevsk where actors have given performance   Fairy tales of old Arbata . In failure it is guilty   the driver. It has left on a counter strip and has not managed to drive. The bus has moved down after the journey and has turned over, informs Interfax .

In the bus there were 12 persons, from them nine have suffered. At seven concussion of the brain, one is hospitalised - Svetlana Sharapov has told the local inspector of traffic police.

sound producer Kochetkov,   has most strongly suffered; at it   some crises. Now it is in traumatologic branch of hospital Art Emovsky.   Today actors   without the sound producer will return to Moscow.