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Tomorrow journey to Murmansk minibuses

From tomorrow a fare in minibuses 33 will rise in price and 54 increases by two roubles.

- Since September, 2007 by our committee has been established extremely - the maximum fare - 15 roubles. We have given the chance to owners of minibuses to regulate independently payment, the main thing that it did not exceed the specified sum, - Elena Stukova, the adviser oblaastnogo committee on tariff regulation explains. - therefore that have lifted cost the ticket in a minibus 33 and 54, their this just cause. All - taki now expenses on fuel have increased. There are such long routes as, for example, 10, there cost fluctuates from 13 to 15 roubles, depending on distance. Now owners of similar taxi bring up a question on a level raising extremely - the maximum cost. But we while make the decision about it.

It is rumored that in buses to passengers too threatens to give for the ticket of 15 one rubles. But, as to us have informed in Open Society the Motorcade 1118 while this information remains at level of hearings. Since October, 1st journey to buses remains 12 roubles.