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Kemerovchanin has executed in capital dance of druids

On the international competition of the Irish dance to Moscow the best masters from every corner of the globe have gathered. To execute ancient dance of druids has gone and kemerovchanin Roman Sherban. To beat out extremely difficult fraction the Novel studied itself - copied movements of the Irish dancing kings, constantly reconsidering written down on a show videocassette. The Irish tap dance for many for a long time already not a hobby, and sports. Already there is more than century at each dancer there is a place in the world rating table which is made every year, informs the First channel. On a legend, masters of the Irish dance beat off a tap dance in a butt, from here earlier and the tradition has gone to hold hands on seams. The body should be absolutely motionless, only feet in sonorous boots beat out fantastic fractions in an improbable rhythm under delay or violin music.

Roman Sherban: I liked ballet and step, here all has united, it is pleasant to me that here it is a lot of jumps, on it live
the Photo: from a site the First channel