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The Ulyanovsk exempts remain without medicines

  already wrote that Ministry of Health urges preferential categories of citizens not to arrive precipitately and not to refuse from sotspaketa. Especially, if it is a question of expensive treatment.

One of these days it became known that the list of medical products which stand out to exempts as free additional medical aid, has changed.

However, experts of Ministry of Health of region underline that the program of additional medicinal maintenance has not undergone global changes.

  preparations which have morally become outdated on which has collected enough information on negative collateral properties, and also those medicines which did not occupy a significant share at purpose Are excluded. For example, the analginum applied as febrifugal and an anaesthetic is excluded from the List. It is proved by that besides the basic action analginum has also collateral - it calls infringement of coagulability of blood. Instead of an out-of-date medicine as anaesthetising in the List there were not steroid preparations - indometacin, ibuprofen, and as febrifugal - paracetamol.

As a whole from the List it is excluded 67 international nepatentovannyh names, among which by all known and mainly inexpensive: the activated coal, iron sulphate, allohol, and etc.

During too time, Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Russia has considered vitamin E target audience citizens who have got used to accept decades certain medicines, therefore such preparations as validol and korvalol, in the List are saved.

the Special part of preparations which should be accepted under strict control of the doctor, it has been decided to translate in section of the medical products appointed under the decision of the medical commission. Leah


Sergey Morozov at the next hardware meeting has given the commission to inspect exceed in region limiting retail extra charges to the prices on vital   medical products the established limit rates. As Sergey Morozov has noted, this work is necessary for spending in the shortest terms.