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Kirov Olympia has suffered the first defeat in a season

After successful start - two victories over leaders - Olympia has stumbled on the command which after eight games occupied 12 - e a place from 15 - ti. A house match with the Petrochemist - 2 has begun for our command unsuccessfully. Already on the second minute rivals have opened the bill. Olympia it was possible to recoup on 13 - j to minute: Hlychev has hammered from Zinin`s transfer. The bill 1:1 has held on to a break.

failure for owners last five-minute the second period has turned out. The player the Petrochemist Alshevsky has hammered twice, and on the second break of the command have left at the bill 1:3 in favour of visitors.

Troubles Olympians have proceeded and in the third period. On its first minute of an abacus became 1:4. In three minutes Migulev from transfer of Hardina has reduced backlog kirovchan - 2:4. However it is less than a minute later the mood of players and fans of owners has again deteriorated - the Petrochemist has hammered in the fifth washer. Olympia continued struggle and soon Fetisov from transfer of Smetankina has hammered in one more washer - 3:5. Up to the end there were even 12 minutes, but to hammer others could not any more neither those, nor.

As a result our fellow countrymen have suffered the first defeat in a season. Tomorrow in SK the Union commands will spend the second game. After that Olympia will go to Samara where on October, 6th and 7 will play with TSSK the Air Forces - 2.