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In Ulyanovsk the School of young parents

At School for young parents students will learn how correctly to swaddle the baby.
a photo: club. nanya. ru

As the Ulyanovsk Youth initiative cent, School of young parents " informs; Origin which has opened under the initiative training - the centre Assistance and student`s club the Young family has opened on the basis of UlGTU.

Young men whom their future is not indifferent, can receive here answers to all their interesting questions on pregnancy course, a birth of the child, to warn possible conflict situations between the future parents not only those who very soon begins lucky persons to hold on hands of the native baby, but also students who do not plan in the near future family creation, but already now care of the future healthy generation.

the Main task of school of young parents Origin - to give the information how to save health to young men that at them healthy children were born.

All pupils of this school are divided on two groups.

In the first girls who are going to become mums are engaged. This group small: from 5 to 10 persons. Training term - 3 months, therefore the program is spent very quickly. Here to the future mums experts (doctors - gynecologists, pediatrists, psychologists) help to consult with fear before sorts.

the Second group will be   much more the first. In it students and the young teachers are engaged, only planning to get children. They during employment will check up themselves and learn, a leah are ready to such serious step. The main task of the given group consists that in it people who realise are engaged that the great happiness - to have the healthy child. And for this purpose now it is necessary to save the health