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The Ulyanovsk invalids wait for the turn

In the Ulyanovsk region for September, 23rd stand in a queue 507 invalids and participants of the Great Patriotic War. Experts of bodies of social protection have interviewed and have found out that 310 from them wish to receive the car, and 197 - monetary indemnification. In September the government of Russia has accepted the decision about a granting order spetstransporta or indemnifications of this category of exempts at the expense of means of the federal budget. And it will be already made in 2008.

However for some years last from the moment of the termination of delivery spetstransporta to invalids (with 2005 for 2008) there were changes which are necessary for considering today. The department of social protection of the population has carried out monitoring of number of the citizens who had the right to reception of transport till January, 1st, 2005, but not had time to issue medical examination. Such there were 4 596 persons. They also can apply on spetstransport. Besides, at 223 owners spetstransporta already has expired operation term. All of them also need reception or indemnification, or the car. Means from the regional budget at the rate about 482 million roubles are for this purpose necessary.

Governor Sergey Morozov has told that at formation of the budget of 2009 this problem will consider. Also it is necessary to think over the mechanism of realisation of privileges to veterans.

At meeting also the problem of maintenance by habitation of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and  , besides, was discussed; those who has on this right under the federal law About veterans from 12. 01. 95 As of September, 23rd live 2 063 persons having the right to this measure of social support in the Ulyanovsk region. It is realised in the form of a grant for habitation acquisition. In 2008 for region it is defined on these purposes of 37,2 million roubles from the federal budget. While it is spent 18,3 million Next year the size of the sums allocated for this purpose, remains approximately same.

In May of this year the Decree of the president of the Russian Federation about end of maintenance by habitation of veterans of war, members of families of the lost and died invalids having the right to social support is accepted.   additional money resources are necessary for realisation of its area in size hardly less a half-million of roubles.