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Pirates try to sell the weapon with grasped Ukrainian Fainy

Pirates try to sell the weapon from the Ukrainian dry-cargo ship Faina grasped last Thursday near Somalia. Radical Islamites already prepare for an unloading of jet grenades and antiaircraft guns from the Ukrainian vessel.

the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Yury Ehanurov informed earlier that by the ship grasped by pirates there are 33 tanks T - 72, enough of ammunition to them and other weapon, including grenade cup discharges. It has not failed   to add that all weapon was on sale the state company Ukrspetseksport   according to the Ukrainian legislation.

As passes Obozrevatel. com referring to the British newspaper The Times, preparatory works to an unloading have begun already last night, in spite of the fact that Faina it is surrounded by the foreign military ships. The American destroyer and the submarine observe of the Ukrainian dry-cargo ship and events developed round it from the international contingent patrolling gulf of Aden and water area of Indian ocean. Except them, the situation is watched by other two ships under flags of the European states. Here there is a Russian patrol ship Fearless .

However, while pirates to the grasped vessel admit nobody. From Mogadishu boats which should take away the weapon with " have already come; Fainy . To sell tanks at Islamites hardly it will turn out, and here they try to transport ammunition, grenade cup discharges and other weapon on coast.

we Will remind, the Somali pirates have grasped Fainu in the evening on September, 25th in neutral waters near to coast of Kenya. The Ukrainian dry-cargo ship under the flag of Belize transported to Kenya military technology, including tanks T - 72 and spare parts for armour. Onboard the grasped Ukrainian vessel in a captivity at pirates was   21 persons: 17 Ukrainians, three citizens of Russia and one Latvian. All Russians - Petersburgers: captain Vladimir Kolobkov, the senior assistant Victor Nikolsky and the fourth ship engineer Anton Tarasov.

the Captain of the grasped ship Vladimir Kolobkov has died yesterday of a hypertensive crisis, heart of the captain has not sustained.

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