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Ukraine suggests to carry on negotiations on Dnestr region in a format « 5+2 »

- Ukrainaprilagaet of effort for format restoration 5+2 for Dnestr region stselju conflict settlements by a diplomatic way, Markian Kulin in Jassah has declared posolukrainy in Romania.

Markian Kulik has expressed hope, chtos the help of these efforts will possible to restore a format of negotiations.

- Myschitaem that this the form - unique which can obespechitponimanie in the course of settlement of an existing conflict situation, - was underlined by the Ukrainian ambassador in Romania.

Novyjpredstavitel of Ukraine across Dnestr region Victor Krizhanovsky, naznachennyjnedavno on this post, already fulfils the duties. On proshlojnedele it has made visit to Moldova then has gone vbrjussel where has met representatives of the European union.

Formatperegovorov on settlement of the Dnestr conflict 5+2 vkljuchaetrossiju, Ukraine and OSCE as intermediaries, and also the USA ievropejsky the union as observers, plus directly storonykonflikta - Kishinev and Tiraspol.

Negotiations pouregulirovaniju the Dnestr conflict in a format 5+2 have interrupted vmarte 2006 when Tiraspol has refused to participate in negotiations vrezultate introductions by Kishinev and Kiev new rules of export of goods izpridnestrovskogo region.

Earlier president Vladimir Voronin has expressed hope that negotiations in a format 5+2 can renew till the end of the year.