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Russia will deliver to South Korea gas, the Leah and Seoul will master Siberia

Today in the Kremlin the meeting of Russian president Dmitry Medvedev with the South Korean colleague Maine the Tank has taken place. A result of this meeting of a steel of the arrangement on cooperation in different spheres. In particular, the agreement on deliveries of the Russian gas on the Korean peninsula has been reached, passes RIA News referring to the statement of the president of South Korea.

We have agreed about search of a way of realisation of various projects, including, on delivery of the Russian natural gas to the Korean peninsula and connections of the Transkorean railway with the Trans-Siberian Railway - the Leah Maine the Tank has told.

Thus agency Bi - bi - si specifies that   the agreement entered into earlier fastened by signatures Gazprom and Korea Gas provides deliveries of natural gas in volume of 10 billion cubic metre throughout the next 30 years. The Russian gas will go on the pipeline passing on territory of the North Korea. The Leah

Also Maine the Tank has noticed that between the countries one more important arrangement - cooperation in joint development Western - the Kamchatka shelf and participation of the Korean businessmen in development of Siberia and the Far East has been reached.

the Russian side greeted intention of the Korean party to participate in competitions and auctions on the right of use of bowels, building nefte - and gazohimicheskih complexes, stations szhizhennogo gas in region of the Russian Far East - it is told in the joint statement accepted following the results of negotiations of presidents of two countries.

expansion of cooperation in the field of high technologies, nuclear power, space and other areas Besides, has been co-ordinated, including even polar researches. The Leah

for Visit Maine of the Tank in Russia waited for a long time already, marks the Russian newspaper . Cooperation promises to be mutually advantageous. South Korea is highly interested in access reception to Russian natural   to mammons, and Russia is involved with high level of South Korean information technologies, shipbuilding, and also good reputation of the Korean building companies.