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In the Smolensk region the driver has sunk together with the car

the Last days off for 36 - the summer inhabitant of Moscow have appeared the last in life. Going for a drive on the car on coast Ugry, it has not managed to drive and has fallen down in water.
all happens around village Zaharevsky where according to persons on duty of the Department of Internal Affairs on Ugransky area 36 - the summer Muscovite has gone with the friend on picnic. As usual, has not done without strong drinks (according to preliminary data, the man was drunk). Having sat a little on coast, the capital inhabitant has solved a little polihachit - villages for a wheel “ VAZ - 2129 - 01 “ also has gone to go for a drive on coast. Whether the rough country, whether impenetrable darkness (and business was at night) was a determinative, whether the drunk alcohol, but the driver has not managed to drive and has failed in water. Under the certificate of militiamen, the car has fallen extremely unsuccessfully - a body in water. The driver has appeared in salon headfirst...
while there have arrived rescuers (and it was necessary to go long - the village is in kind fifty kilometres from Ugry), the man has choked.
upon  destruction of the driver the militia inspects.