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The rescued seamen from the dry-cargo ship « Tolstoy » Two rescued seamen from the cargoship which has sunk in Black sea " will go home on September, 30th

; Tolstoy will go from Istanbul to Ukraine on September, 30th. Home Denis Ahromeeva and Andrey Krizhenovsky delivers navigable ferry   Caledonia informs the Bulgarian news agency Focus .

What fate has comprehended other crewmen - while it is not known. Searches of the gone seamen were conducted today since early morning and proceed till now, but rescuers consider that chances to find people live - are minimum. Today the Bulgarian Ministry of Emergency Measures will solve a question on the termination of searches.

we Will remind that the cargoship Tolstoy has sunk in the morning on September, 27th at coast of Bulgaria. The vessel followed under a North Korean flag also transported cargo of scrap metal from Rostov-on-Don to Turkey. Onboard there were 10 persons. The captain - Russian Andrey Kulik. Other seamen had the Ukrainian citizenship. From all command it was possible to escape only to two - to navigator Denis Ahromeevu and sailor Andrey Krizhenovsky. Them has found out and the Belgian yacht " has picked up; the Mirage .

Now rescued seamen are in hospital. About destiny of the companions they do not know, however Denis and Andrey have informed that the vessel has got to a storm, has broken half-and-half and almost instantly cunningly under water.

  the FILE

Year of construction of a vessel - 1970. Initially and till 2000 of the steam-ship was called Volgo - Don 5028 the ship-owner - Open Society SK the Volga shipping company the port of registry of Gorodets. Then till 2001 the vessel carried the name Regul . And then till 2002 - Aristotelis .

the Steam-ship went under the flag of the North Korea (port Vonsan), ship-owner Pegasus Shipping. The vessel has left the Rostov port on September, 21st.

Here names of all crewmen of the dry-cargo ship Tolstoy . The captain - the Russian, the others   - Ukrainians.

  1. The captain - Kulik Andrey Vjacheslavovich, 1971 year of birth.

2. The senior assistant to the captain - Smolnikov Igor Alekseevich (spetsiazalnost - the navigator of long voyage), 1968 year of birth.

3. The second assistant - Zorja Sergey Anatolevich (a speciality - the navigator of small swimming), 1972 year of birth.

4. The senior mechanic - Shpenovich Ivan Vasilevich (a speciality - the ship mechanic of the second category), 1963 year of birth.

5. The second mechanic - Galanzhin Alexander Vitalevich, (a speciality - the navigator of long voyage), 1974 year of birth.

6. The third mechanic - Podaruev Ivan Leonidovich (a speciality - the mechanic 3 - go the category), 1979 year of birth.

Andrey Krizhanovsky (on a photo) and Denis Ahrameev now in hospital in Turkey. A photo from family archive.

7. The sailor - Kryzhanovsky Andrey Ivanovich (a speciality - the sailor 1 - go a class), 1981 year of birth. It is found LIVE

8. The sailor - Vladimir Lukjanov (instead of Drozdova Alexander, 1988 year of birth).

9. The sailor - Ahmareev Denis Evgenevich (a speciality - the navigator of small swimming), 1988 year of birth. It is found LIVE

10. The cook - Crests Cyril Vasilevich (a speciality - the cook), 1982 year of birth.

Before an exit in the sea at the dry-cargo ship Tolstoy the mast

" has fallen off; the Dry-cargo ship Tolstoy why - that has not used natural shelters

the Crew of the sunk dry-cargo ship suffered affliction two months from hunger and thirst