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To roman catholics have promised to give a building of the Minsk church of sacred Joseph

sacred Joseph`s Minsk church settles down behind white church on Nemiga. In its building last years take place archive scientifically - engineering specifications and archive - a literature and art museum.

already wrote: since March, 19th, 2005 members capital rimsko - sacred Joseph`s roman catholic community spend at a church building daily vesper molebny for returning by believer of buildings of the Minsk monastery of bernardines with a church - a monument of architecture of baroque of a XVII-th century.

last year the information has filtered into mass-media that the church and adjacent to it Mingorispolkom plans to give a monastery to investors under hostel, a casino and shops. Believers have collected more than 30 thousand signatures under the reference to the president with the request not to give a relic. And since August, 30th of this year believers have begun termless fast for monastery returning in which now participate more than 60 persons.

It seems that prayers have been heard.

- we are ready to pass believers a building of the Minsk church of sacred Joseph if the capital authorities give us a building the area of six thousand the square metres, adapted under archives, - has declared on October, 1st in Minsk on a press - the conference devoted to Day of the archivist, the director of department for archives and office-work of the Ministry of Justice Vladimir Adamushko.

He has noticed that is in the long term planned to construct a new building for the archives placed in a temple.

- the big means which we have no however are for this purpose necessary.

the director of department connects acceleration of process of erection of a new building for the Minsk archives with material support of this project from believers - roman catholics.