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On a cinema place Russia there will be an entertaining centre

on October, 2nd in Rostov-on-Don has passed session of board of city administration. On it the question on a film concert complex " was discussed; Russia .

- In 2005 a cinema Russia located along the street Pushkin, 52 has been transformed to Open Society the Film concert complex Russia . Thus blocking share holding (plus one action) has passed 25 % to City department imushchestvenno - ground relations, and the others - to Open Society ROSTOVDONAVTOVOKZAL - the chief executive of Open Society " speaks ; the Film concert complex Russia Yury Hortov . - Between a city administration and the investor the contract assuming consecutive realisation of the investment project on reconstruction of a complex which should come to the end till October, 30th, 2008 has been concluded.

Then when began to investigate a structure, it was found out that at it too big deterioration: it makes from 61 to 80 %. Therefore have decided to disassemble nowadays standing building and to construct on this place the new. In four years here there should be a new multipurpose entertaining centre.