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Mother - to the pervert from Laishevo is threatened with 15 years of prison

that adoptive mummy stuck to children (younger now 7 years, and the senior girl - 10 years), they have told. But already when have got to a new family. The woman on a judgement have arrested and have accused of debauchery (under this article it a maximum was threatened with 3 years of prison). Under the version of the investigation, after divorce with the second husband, Aklimja from time to time drank vodka. In such evenings it also resulted, by turns, children in a bedroom. Included a pornofilm and corrupted . To tears of the average daughter did not pay attention. And to the rests has threatened - that told to nobody. Has reached that mladshenkomu then 6 more - to summer adopted son Tastimirova has declared:

- with you and the muzhik it is not necessary To me.

Fortunately, the contract on guardianship to prolong with it have refused. In particular from - that Akmilja anywhere did not work, and has specified the address on which for a long time does not live. So children also have appeared in a new family where now of them really care.

Mummy - the pervert have sent on it is judicial - psychiatric examination. Simply in a head does not keep within that mentally healthy the person is capable of such perversion. And Tastimirova has suddenly started to speak about any voices . A verdict of experts: it is healthy. All this time inspectors continued to work and have found details, from - for which article retrained on heavier - violent acts of sexual character . On it considerable term shines.

Yesterday in Laishevsky court judicial debate has taken place. Today mothers - the pervert will pledge last word. And, most likely, tomorrow the court will decide its destiny. The state accuser to send mummy in a corrective standard regime penal colony for 15 years.